Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes you can´t have it all...

I have these periods of thinking that my brain has the elasticity of a child, and that my Spanish grows in noticeable leaps and bounds from day to day or from every other day to every other day.

Then I have days like Saturday, where I completely fail at understanding several things, and end up slightly annoying a new friend with a day of denseness. After days like Saturday, I tend to be extremely self-conscious for several days.

I need to keep remembering this: I got myself here, and that native speakers continously comment on how my Spanish is incredibly good for a non-native speaker.

I also need to allow space for introversion. I notice that I tend to think clearer in Spanish when I give myself hours of buffer zones (I tend to think clearer in general, and, as a note, I don´t think all that well in English when I haven´t had the solitary time that I require).

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