Monday, April 25, 2011

La pieza de monedas

I think the only coin not featured in this post was the 500 pesos coin, which I adore. It has helped to get me coffee or small things many a time. It is the most useful coin I can think of in this monetary system (even more so than the 100), and this is why I do not have one to show you.


  1. I could give you a few suggestions as to how to spend your 20000 peso bill. And where to mail what you buy! Just trying to help....

  2. Thank you! What camera do you use?

  3. Reid: Sadly, I spent it yesterday (on boring things like a power adaptor, underwear, tupperware, etc.), but I am aware of how helpful you are. :) Even though I don´t have that billete any longer, there will be presents... Jus´sayin´. Also, how much do you pay for smug mug?

    Dad: I use a small Sanyo digital for the stills and a Flip mini for the video. If you want the technical specs, let me know and I´ll look them up later. (Not enough of a geek to have them memorized.) Both are loans from my friend Marina, who insisted that I take many many pictures.

    Oh... also, Phillip/ Reid/Mitchell´s Dad/My bother in law. At least over the interblogs, anyway.