Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Love your veggies.

 Seriously. You like your body in working condition? You like elasticity in your brain cells? Then love the vegetable matter. Especially since sometimes...

...the veggies are bigger than you. (Or, at the very least, bigger than your skull. That cauliflower made awesome curry.)


  1. Wait a minute--first you kiss up to that sweet cauli and then you chop it up and eat it? Shu'nt you have posted a warning "Readers: Be advised of the violent ending of this love story."

  2. Maybe... But what if the cauliflower was meant to be curry. I should really link to the Pablo Neruda poem "Ode to a Tomato." He understands the sentiment.

  3. Haha! Super cute pictures! I'll write (electronically) soon.