Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tengo morriña

I think homesickness is part and parcel of this whole experience, but telling myself that doesn´t make it any easier. I had so many routines in Portland, and so few can be uprooted and reproduced.

I can make tea in the evening here.

I cannot sit on my laptop for an hour to cool down after a day out.

I can read (in English or in Spanish) before bed.

I cannot read while snuggled up next to my sweetie.

I cannot go out to a coffee shop by myself and read for several hours on end

Apart from my landlady and my roommate, I don´t really know anyone here yet, and English is beginning to sound strange. Chilean Spanish is beginning to sound more natural. The ambient noise is starting to lose its deafening qualities (that it had the first few days).

Maybe it´s the transition that´s the hardest part. Don´t get me wrong... I really want to start new routines.

I´m just braindumping.

(Next post will probably be about transportation and/or food.)

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