Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First pictures

It takes about five minutes right now to upload a photo, so you´ll be getting the highlights in this post. The general update is that I like my region of town (Providencia), I have very nice roommates and I´ve learned how to shop for food and how to ride the Metro. I´ve also learned that as a pedestrian you watch the traffic or you run the risk of being hit.

My night stand at the end of the first night. Note the large mug of mint tea, the clock that doesn´t actually work, a monster woman (a lent item from Mitchell), and a pair of wind-up lederhosen (sp?) (also from Mitchell).My first breakfast in Santiago. Plain yogurt, an apple, black tea (con miel!) and peach juice.

Every woman in Santiago wears strappy sandals (many wear strappy black sandals). With the heat, I decided that I would try to get this part of the santianguinista apparel. Took me three hours. Seriously. For other people looking for sandals, go to the northern end of Paseo Ahumada (U. de Chile Metro stop).

That´s all for now! Skype works! I dug out my art supplies today. I´m feeling very overwhelmed by my surroundings and so I´m nesting a bit. I think tomorrow will be filled with tea and reading.


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